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LNAPL / DNAPL recovery

Many years of experience have enabled us to develop several techniques for removing pure product in the form of floating and sinking layers.

Floating layers (non-aqueous phase liquids, NAPL) consists of petroleum products, such as petrol, diesel or naphtha.

Products such as chlorinated solvents (e.g. tetrachlorethene (perchloroethylene), trichlorethene, phthalates and creosote oil / carbolineum) form a high-density non-aqueous phase liquid layer (DNAPL).

The approach consists of pumping the pure product from vertical filters or drains. Effective DNAPL (sinking layer) removal involves using a submerged pump, technology that has been developed in company. We also have a lot of experience in skimming the oil in vertical filters using specific float-layer removal pumps.

Biosoil Europe applies effective separation methods to segregate the pumped DNAPL / NAPL from groundwater. Where possible, the pure product is offered on the market or to the customer for reuse.

  • Sustainable

  • Safe

  • High yield achievable

  • Usable as a source approach

  • Recovery of product

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for soil remediation

The Biosoil bioscreen is highly suitable for plume containment at:

(Petrochemical) industrial site | Petrol station | Waste management facilities and landfills | Urban areas | Natural reserves