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Soil decontamination on location

Soil decontamination on site is sustainable and cost effective. Sifting techniques can improve ground quality on site in a cost-effective manner, allowing the sifted component to be re-applied to the location itself.

Land farming is the biological cleansing of contaminated soil at the remediation location. Introducing nutrients and air (oxygen) enables micro-organisms to convert the pollutants into harmless products. After soil decontamination, the soil can be re-used at the remediation site, for example.

The advantage of this sustainable approach is that no polluted soil has to be transported off-site. This approach is especially suitable in areas where soil treatment plants are far away. Land farming is also attractive in situations involving large quantities of contaminated soil.

  • Sustainable

  • No transport

  • Low costs

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The Biosoil bioscreen is highly suitable for plume containment at:

(Petrochemical) industrial site | Petrol station | Waste management facilities and landfills | Urban areas | Natural reserves