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Other industries

The metalworking industry used chlorinated solvents for degreasing. The solvents were formerly allowed to enter the soil, possibly resulting in the formation of DNAPLs.

We develop our remediation plans based on the customer’s needs. The basis of our approach is, in most cases, biodegradation. This process is sustainable and can strongly inhibit any adverse effects on surrounding areas because the degradation occurs in the soil on site. If DNAPLs are present, they are effectively eliminated using the in-situ system. Occasionally, an excavation is carried out as well. Introduction of our powerful electron donor allows anaerobic degradation of the contaminant to occur in the soil. Various techniques are applied, such as direct injection and circulation, possibly supplemented by inoculation of the soil. Introducing the electron donor in soil optimises degradation conditions. We monitor the process so that any necessary correction to our in-situ remediation can be implemented.

If a source approach is not possible or desirable, we can, for example, use a bioscreen to manage the dispersal risks.

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The Biosoil bioscreen is highly suitable for plume containment at:

(Petrochemical) industrial site | Petrol station | Waste management facilities and landfills | Urban areas | Natural reserves