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Petrol stations

Soil contamination may result from, for example incidents during the storage and transport of petroleum products such as petrol and diesel fuel. We have extensive experience in the sustainable remediation of oil, petrol, diesel and similar petroleum products. We can recover substances such as mineral oils, volatile aromatics, ETPE and MTBE.

Applying such techniques as stimulated biodegradation makes it possible for us to markedly limit the adverse effects of remediation. In some situations and in consultation with the customer, remediation systems, including the soil remediation plant, will be placed completely underground to minimise any adversity for surrounding areas.

For complex issues or difficultly accessible pollutants, we often apply several sustainable remediation techniques. A small source excavation or remediation measure aimed at removing a floating layer (NAPL) is sometimes part of our approach. In situ remediation measures enable us to remove contaminants from, for example, homes and gas stations.

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The Biosoil bioscreen is highly suitable for plume containment at:

(Petrochemical) industrial site | Petrol station | Waste management facilities and landfills | Urban areas | Natural reserves